Charlotte the Pitbull: Third Place for Best Costume at Wicker Park’s Boo-palooza

Aka “Pitbull in a Tutu,” Charlotte won third place at Wicker Park’s Boo-palooza, and we took home a sweet gift basket of dog delishiousness. She then had a vet appointment and then amused many people over in Retailland (Logan and Elston strip mall), even while in traffic in the car. Hooray. Check out these photos of all the cool stuff that came in her gift basket. I got her when she was a puppy from Chicago Bully Breed Rescue, or CBBR as they call themselves, a rescue and fostering nonprofit.


Barack Obama is in my Facebook friend feed, and so I noticed that he updated his cover photo to this: I’m sure it’s probably to highlight some speech, or whatnot, but it’s a terribly-composed photo and it looks like he has a bizarro bow tie or something. So, I made a quick photoshop that made him look much cooler: Hooray.

Miami bass plus secrecy plus IDM equals Chicago record label Chocolate Industries

He hides behind layers of avatars as a general rule (“Seven,” A faux-ly named Facebook account, etc) but the man behind the Chicago record label Chocolate Industries makes his personal tastes very well known, indeed. Take Push Button Object‘s IDM with a hard dose of hip hop, Half Dozen album. Co-released with IDM stalwart Schematic, it is IDM that takes the scenic route. It feels like hip hop, ala Merck via its Machinedrum releases. And then it goes straight local hip hop with releases by Chicago-natives The Cool Kids. To make a long story short, the man knows what he likes, and when it has that sticker of his brand, you will be assured it’s genuinely something he loves and wants to share with the world. Now we … Read More

An interesting take on "Emergency Adapters"

Anyone in the music industry who has to perform live understands the need for audio adapters–you just can’t get around this fact. Because of that, and because I was getting so tired of loaning adapters to the musicians and DJs I’d play alongside with, I created the Electronic Musician’s Emergency Adapters as an attempt to fix this for more people. Granted, there are people who have already created their own “first aid kit” along these lines, and that makes me happy. However, when I find a particularly creative approach, I can’t help but share it. Yes, you’re looking at a makeup case full of audio adapters. Yes, that’s a mirror in there. This is James D. Garcia‘s solution and I find it hilariously useful and awesome. He had … Read More

"Shit Programmers Say"

There is exactly one line of dialog in this, and it kinda is totally true. However, they all have the same problem I do.. the laptop scrunch. Let’s all agree to go back to multi-screen-iverse land and make our backs happy.

Bread Clip Science

Ha! Finally someone is taking bread clips seriously! I made a mixed-media work a while back from bread clips in the theme of Space Invaders, since I’ve been collecting them for quite a while. “Bread Intruders” Here’s the proposal: A publication in this month’s BMJ Case Reports, a peer-reviewed publication of the British Medical Journal, offers a “proposal for phylogenic plastic bag clip classification”. Contributing authors include John Daniel of the Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group (HORG). Proposal for phylogenic classification advances bread clip science