Meeblip: Open Source, Hackable Digital Hardware Synth

Check out this cool synth kit that’s meant to be poked prodded and programmed into whatever you wish. It’s designed by James Grahame of Reflex Audio + Retro Thing, and Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music. Here’s a demo of the kind of sounds you can make with this little hackable blippy instrument: Meeblip bassline demo by cdm From James: Oscillator A & B slightly detuned, square wave on A and sawtooth on B. FM turned all the way up, distortion on. The filter resonance turned way up (hence the chirpy squeal) and the filter cutoff knob is initially open, then twiddled a bit to help the filter chirp. At the end, I just slowly turn the cutoff down. the VCF envelope modulation is mapped to MIDI velocity, which adds some sonic … Read More

New site design and new products at Fractalspin

Two months ago I started moving Fractalspin over to a hosted ecommerce platform and since then have been migrating over products and creating the new site design. I’ve also added a bunch of new products, and even more stuff is on the way. Let mw know what you think! [Read More]

“Benoitbot” Benoit Mandelbrot Paper Toy

Benoit Mandelbrot spent his life explaining the complexity of nature by studying mathematical self-similar structures with infinitely repeating complexities, which he termed “fractals.” They were the key to explaining non-smooth objects, from mountain ranges and shorelines, to blood vessels and fluctuations in the stock market. His discovery went on to revolutionize technology, such as computer graphics and wide-spectrum antennae; and in medicine, such as in treating Parkinsons’s disease and advancements in antibiotics. Print, cut out and fold along the dotted lines to make your own cute robot version of our favorite chaos scientist. Benoitbot Paper Toy [PDF] Join our mailinglist for more cool free stuff!

Round 2 of the Nudge "evolving remix" project: m50 + Quantazelle

So, following up on the previous idea I had, recruiting Phylum Sinter, Praveen, and I (er, as Quantazelle) to do a rotating remix using the online Monome / Tenori-On / APC-40 / Launchpad (ie matrix / grid-based sequencing, etc) flash clone, Nudge, I invited m50 to play with me. Nudge is a very simple sequencer with preset synths (harp, organ, fx, drum kit), and–as m50 discovered–the ability to create multiple patterns, meaning you’re not restricted to one 16 bar loop–one could actually make a song out of this lil flash app.

New T-Shirt for Quantazelle

I designed a new t-shirt featuring a collage of a bunch of stuff I’m into. Check it out: Quantazelle T-Shirt 2010 (Men + Women’s).

SIMCard Notebook & Address Book

Check out these notebooks and address books in the form of a SIM Card, the SIMBook Notebook & SIMBook Address Book. Thankfully, they are useful in that they are not to scale–they are both 3.25″ x 5.5″. $6.00 at Fractalspin.

[RECOMMENDED] Circuit Bent Saturdays

Circuit Bent Saturdays, The eSymposium EVERY Saturday, 12:00 noon – 3:00 PM Lizard’s Liquid Lounge, 3058 W Irving Park Rd, (773) 463-7599 To nurture the Midwest experimental electronics community, we host a free weekly “eSymposium,” a lateral lecture series where participants are both teachers and students. There’s soldering, tinkering, Q&A, show-&-tell, bending circuits, hacking toys, and Chicago’s only weekly Circuit Bent Open Mic. Stop by, join the eSymposium’s Google Group, or check out what we’ve been up to at and

Geek Chic Men's Fashion FAILs and WINs

Here’s an article I wrote for the Fractalspin blog that’s a “DOs and DON’Ts” for men’s geek fashion: “Geek Chic Men’s Fashion Fails and Wins” [via Fractalspin’s blog] Among the fails: LED belt buckles that visually scream GEEK; god-awful so-called “utilikilts;” NES Controller belt buckles; LED / electroluminescent t-shirts that either interact with sound or announce the presence of a WiFi signal by blinking / lighting up; bad haircuts; doing it wrong Among the wins: G-Star’s men’s line featuring a futuristic Poindexter nod with their signature crazy-stich detailing; “nerd glasses;” intentionally-tousled hair and deliberately disheveled, dressed-down suit ensembles on Doctor Who’s Tenth Doctor (David Tennant); microcontroller cufflinks; J.Lindeberg; cool ties; Converse All-Star So what do you think? Did I nail the WINs wholeheartedly or come down too hard … Read More