[RAMP CHICAGO] Cepia (LIVE) with DJ Warp, Emulsion and Liz Revision

“With its multi-layered commingling of clanking beats and melancholy themes, [Cepia’s Dowry album] follows in the mechanical footsteps of Autechre [and] Funkstorung, … [and] the title track, where stately melodies stubbornly bleed through entangling tendrils of squawks, whirrs, and clicks, is the real stunner. A strong debut from Mr. Miller, ” gushes Textura magazine. Basking in the live-generated sounds of Cepia in Sonotheque’s top-notch Funktion One sound system will truly be a spine-tingling, moving experience. We’re honored to have DJ Warp, AKA Brian Keigher as a fitting complement to Cepia. As one of Chicago’s premiere electronic music DJs he’s shared the bill with a veritable who’s-who of contemporary artists like Autechre, Luke Vibert, D.R. Alex Paterson (of The Orb), DJ Spooky, Prefuse 73, Jack Dangers (of Meat Beat … Read More

Manual with Syntaks

OHM Multimedia Series Presents: Direct from Odense, Denmark, making his U.S. debut, Jonas Munk under the name Manual creates absolutely epic, lush electronic daydreams, as gorgeous as the sun-set and beach photos that adorn his album covers. After years of playing guitar and piano in various projects, he started to combine electronic with ‘analog’ instruments as Manual. He recently worked with Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), and Ulrich Schnauss and is also a member of the band Limp, and acclaimed Danish free rock band Causa Sui. He composes music without using a computer, instead using guitars and pianos in combination with old-school synthesizers and sometimes samples to create well structured songs and sound scape-like compositions. He will play songs from his brand new double CD on Darla, Lost Days, … Read More

Industry Night at Lumen ft. Kate Simko & Quantazelle

Lumen is a new Chicago club that’s got an LA-from-the-future vibe, with lots of blonde wood, stainless steel white walls, plenty of couches and tables, music that’s not tinnitus-inducing, and sound-reactive LED-encrusted ceilings. Come check out audio from Kate Simko and Quantazelle (Liz Revision) at the Lumen + Snow Queen Vodka Industry Night on Tuesday the 25th of September. 9pm – 2am Lumen 839 W. Fulton Market St, Chicago IL Half price Snow Queen Vodka bottles and cocktails all night http://www.lumen-chicago.com

Miles Tilmann, Mystery Palace, Emulsion, Liz Revision

Many Boards of Canada fanboys and fangirls were disappointed with the Scottish band’s latest albums, finding them insubstantial frottages of their profound, emotionally resonant, layered-synth-heavy earlier work. Tycho‘s stellar show at Sonotheque in March proved that the legacy of early Boards can live on in the hands of contemporary artists without being flatly derivative, and this September 11th our guest of honor, Miles Tilmann, will take the reins and lead us all on a consummate sonic journey of his own design. “Miles’ music is powered by a blend of deep atmospherics and heavy sequencing, balanced with live keyboards, field recordings and a broad assortment of rhythm,” the Consumer’s Label tells us. So while he’s got a solid grasp on powerfully emotional ambient soundscapes, the kid has beat skills … Read More

Ohm: Mark DeNardo, Pixeljam, Liz Revision & Emulsion

Friday, August 24, 7pm Chicago Cultural Center, Cassidy Theater 78 E. Washington Street Free Hear Brooklyn-based musician Mark DeNardo (of the Gamma Bros) perform music on laptop, Game Boy and guitar accompanied by pixilated images provided by fellow Gamma Bros visual artist Pixeljam. Noted local electronic music performers, Liz Revision and Emulsion (of Ramp Chicago), DJ and play live throughout the evening. Full-screen imagery of video games and game culture provided by visual artists Baseshot Scenario and 3pHaze. The ongoing Ohm Multimedia Series incorporates new media in electronic music, performance and visual art. Ohm invites professionals from the art and music scenes, including DJs and visual artists, to create live multimedia artworks in front of an audience. This special four-part Ohm Multimedia Series is part of Art of … Read More

[Ramp Chicago] Local Producer Event ft. Protman & Bounte

Woot! It’s a DEMO SWAP!!”WTF is that?” you ask. OK, we’ll let you in on the secret–it’s a hyped-up networking event, except there’s booze, producers, label owners, audio engineers, and supremely excellent music on board from local sensations Protman and Bounte. Also there is booze–as much booze as you deem necessary to aid in proper social navigation and which your wallet can support and aid in a cab ride back home. Here’s an even better sound-bite: “An industry night that doubles as a balls-out fun party.” We’ve even pushed it back a week from normal Ramp nights (Tuesday, July 17th) so that you have more time to tell your friends and drag them along. We’ll let you in for a reduced cover ($2 instead of $5) if you’re … Read More

Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb) & The Deep Element

You know that one video by Dove that’s been floating around YouTube featuring the time-lapse video of a woman having her hair and makeup done, then being further altered in Photoshop to enhance her features, and finally ending up on a billboard? The multi-talented Benn Jordan supplied the music for it with a track off of his latest album, Kirlian Selections. It not only is representative of one aspect of his sound, you could see it as a metaphor for his musical composition process. First off, Benn has a zillion aliases (The Flashbulb, Acidwolf, Flexe, Q-bit, DJ ASCII, Lucid32, and more) and an incredibly diverse output. He often starts composing with live instruments and then alters and morphs them via digital signal processing, much in the manner that … Read More