Conceptual DJ mix CD in time for Valentine's Day: Neurotransmission Ltd. Ed. CD

View Details This DJ mix from Liz Revision called Neurotransmission was created around the theme of love. All of the tracks, ranging from minimal techno to IDM & ambient aim to re-create the sensation of falling in love. The handmade package is stitched together and features a cute closure mechanism. The inside features the written descriptions of serotonin and dopamine, two chemicals that increase in the body when one falls in love.The limited edition CD is only available from Fractalspin with any order of $40 or more, and only while quantities are available. Liz Revision is Chicago-based multi-hyphenate Liz McLean Knight. Established as an electronic music producer under the name Quantazelle, and owner of geek boutique Fractalspin, McLean Knight DJs glitchy minimal techno and IDM, promotes electronic music … Read More

Hobnox launches another fun flash music toy, Nudge

Check out another fun flash audio toy from Hobnox, the creators of the Audiotool (that I’ve written about before) called Nudge. The above is my little creation. (You have to hit the triangle at the bottom right 2x to turn off playback) Nudge is a virtual-instrument widget designed for self-expressive online music making & sharing. It’s fun and simple to use and you don’t need to know a single thing about producing music to make your own individual songs in minutes! Brought to you by the developers of the Audiotool, nudge is yet another example of the pioneering work of the team dedicated to creating the best online music production tools. Joshua Schnable have me the heads up and he did his own remix:

Liz Revision: "Megahertz Mix"

Liz Revision: “Megahertz Mix” 1. Gui Boratto: “No Turning Back” 2. Pantha du Prince” “Florac” 3. Trentmoller: “Always Something Better (Trentemoller Remix)” 4. Kollektiv Turmstrasse: “Holunderbaum (Mick Rubin Remix)” 5. Tony Rohr: “Afterburnt” 6. MSTKFT: “Heartbreaker (Laidback Luke Remix)” 7. The Knife: “Heartbeats (Rex The Dog Mix)” 8. Oliver Hacke: Untitled (B2) 9. Williams: “Poltergeist” 10. LCD Sound System “Someone Great” 11. Crisopa: “Fibra de Carbono y Cambios Automaticos”

New Liz Revision Mix on Pirate Party compilaton

Here is a funny mix I did that’s released on “Pirate Party Submissions” on subVariant. Liz Revision: “OK What the FUCK, Liz?” [Pirate Party] was an invitation for local artists to hand in the work they wanted to share, for free, on the subVariant site, and be promoted and featured in the local press, music blogs, social networks and the like. Sort of like The Pirate Bay, but totally legal since everyone who handed in music has the right to distibute the works (yes, there is a mighty huge .torrent link at the bottom too…please seed!) (And please note the Creative Commons distribution below it…we may all distribute at will but if you want to commercially use or modify any of these works you gotta contact the artist … Read More

[8.15]Artificial Intelligence 3: Pirate Party ft. Johnny Armstrong, CJ Clark, R-KATYP3, Antiphase

Avast, pirates! Bring a CD/ DVD of your art, music, videos, photos or anything cool you have the right to distribute on Saturday Aug. 15 5o Ai Lounge. It will be uploaded to where anyone can download it. Talking like a pirate not required. Arrr. These here DJs will be spinnin’ some house & techno fer ye landlubbers. Johnny Armstrong (In Your System) CJ Clark R-KATYP3 (Peoplemuver) Antiphase (NBFC) HOST: Liz Revision Sat 8/15 (9PM) AI Lounge 358 W. Ontario chicago, IL

[SAT Jun. 20] Artificial Intelligence 1: Excepion AM Release Party FREE

Hangovers are the annoying, productivity-inhibiting result of a night spent drinking quite a bit, and yet we still put up with them because it’s fun to loosen up, be social, and dance. Sure, it’s easy to pop some aspirin, rehydrate and muddle through the morning, but wouldn’t it be cool if music could relieve your hangover? That’s the concept behind Exception AM, a free digital compilation from subVariant that aims to present a collection of electronic music to help you feel better in the morning after a night of drinking. To celebrate the release on June 20, the release party will be held at Ai lounge in River North as the first in a series of concept parties called “Artificial Intelligence.” Liz Revision will mix the mostly-ambient and … Read More

NFG's PHP Arcade Font Tool

Write anything you want in a cool vintage arcade font, like Street Fighter II, Ninja Gaiden, and Afterburner with NFG’s Arcade Font Tool. You can even download the PHP script and run it in your own web app.

Choose the Winners script

Here’s a little app I coded in PHP to randomly choose a user-determined set of winners from an inputted list of contestants: Choose the Winners script.