While wandering through the internet wilderness I came across a site in a blogroll whose name caught my fancy: Being as I have a soft spot for Game Boys (uhm–in both senses of the term? *cough*), I clicked the link to discover a fascinating blog about video game culture, specifically how it relates to the women who love it and the larger pop-culture that influences it and surrounds it. Here’s a few interesting posts: “The Multimedia Nest.” The definition of Multimedia Nest is “coherent sensory and informational experience made up of modular and disparate pieces that coccoon [oneself].” For me, it’s having a DVD playing on the TV while I sit in a cushy chair with my laptop, hitting the STUMBLE! button in Firefox while sending SMS … Read More

The Diskette Handbag: A Seriously Geek-Chic Purse

For the girl who needs the right purse that says both “geeky” and “stylish,” the diskette-covered Diskette Handbag by Zelle is just the thing. The rest of the bag is made from black black PVC and there are enough interior pockets to carry the essentials (and some non-essentials). This bag will turn heads and let the world know that in your offline life (IRL) you’re just as geeky but your fashion sense is hardly that of a clueless nerd. Inside of the purse, opened. Inside of the purse, opened, with the magnetic latch removed. [via]

Ruins of Cabrini Green public housing turned into a giant flute

Chicago’s public housing project made famous by its newsworthy gang-fueled violence and criminal activity has finally been demolished, but the high-rise husks still standing in its semi-demolished state have become unintentional wind instruments. A strangely appropriate, unintentional art installation for the “windy city.” Cabrini Green is in close proximity to some of the highest property taxes in the city–the Gold Coast. Likewise, public housing built in the 50s and 60s was built on (desirable) lakefront proerty in the south loop. In the past few years, due to low interest rates and a cooperative city zoning department, the city has finally realized that it could reap greater profits by developing these areas and benefitting from both the income of raised property taxes, and developers have lept at the chance … Read More

DIY dot matrix wrist cuffs

Use dot matrix fonts and make a DIY-slogan wrist cuff just by grabbing an X-acto and popping out perforated dots on this cool leather cuff. Choose from any of the geek phrases supplied on the provided downloadable templates, like APACHE, GEEK, , WTF?, NSFW or MYSQL. I made my own “WTF?” cuff and it’s pretty rad, although kind of illegible when its around your wrist. The material is also thinner than you’d expect, but that makes it easier to pop the dots out. However, it’s unique enough where it does draw attention from strangers, and then you can just unhook it and straighten it to show off the design. The aforementioned downloadable templates are these: read more | digg story

SMS (Text-Messaging) Shorthand for Geeks Using Server Response Codes

Instead of awkwardly typing on your phone’s keypad something to the extent of “cant find yr house” or “theyre charging a cover here at this venue,” try using server response codes! 200 = OK The client’s request was successful, and the server’s response contains the requested data. [FRIEND] hows the sushi ovr there? [YOU] 200 or [FRIEND] is it cool if i come over after work w/ a 6pack? [YOU] 200 202 = Accepted The request was accepted but not immediately acted upon. More information about the transaction may be given in the entity body of the server’s response. There is no guarantee that the server will actually honor the request, even though it may seem like a legitimate request at the time of acceptance. [FRIEND] come to … Read More