“Geek and Gamer Girls”

It’s less about computer geekery and more about consumer geekery: video games, sci-fi and so on, but features a rapping Seth Green and cameos by Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) and Stan Lee.

“Demoscene: The Art of Algorythms”

Demos came about as a sort of “visual graffiti” that preceded video games that had been cracked (had their DRM removed) by a team or person who wanted to visually show off their artistic side as well as their technical prowess. In the early days, computing capabilities and space were severely limited and that required a certain finesse to create something amazing using very limited means. That meant that the music and animations created in this format required creativity as well as algorithmic magic, and physical parties sprung up way before the internet as a way to share files and knowledge and to compete and inspire each other. Demoscene: The Art of the Algorithm is a well-crafted documentary that narrates the history of the demoscene and demoparties, and … Read More

Rise of the “Brogrammer”: Sexism in the tech startup world

Well, apparently luring frat boys into the world of programming is the new hot thing. Great. I read this article by a journalist at South by Southwest where she walked out of a talk by a guy who was trying to excuse the frat-boy culture he adheres to with a few off handed comments that completely alienated a segment of the audience, and then I decided to poke around some more on the subject. Apparently this is a thing. Wow. Really? Gross. Yes, it’s a fact that math and science fields employ far less women than men, but to play up this fact and appeal to the base nature of men in order to sweep them into your new startup? That’s pretty pathetic. From Adda Birnir, a female … Read More

"Shit Programmers Say"

There is exactly one line of dialog in this, and it kinda is totally true. However, they all have the same problem I do.. the laptop scrunch. Let’s all agree to go back to multi-screen-iverse land and make our backs happy.

Geek vs. Nerd Infographic

I pretty much agree with this, and I like that they use actual demographics statistics, especially in “self-identified geeks.”

Idiots explaining science: Computers, Television, and the Large Hadron Collider

Here’s a hilarious book explaining how computers work, referencing meat needed as fuel, puppies, and a washing machine as integral parts. In a classic internet video, Bjork explains how television works, comparing the electrical components to buildings in a city, and the wires are “elevators.” It bothers me that people find her “adorable” when she is acting like a child simplistically justifying the “magic” of electronics. What’s also sad is she is an electronic musician who should have technical knowledge of her tools (however, she relies heavily on producers, which could explain why she thinks electronics is a magical process). She is a grown woman and it is sad that this is considered cute. Condensed Soup: 10/23/08 by JDG6385 Finally, presented without comment, I will leave you with … Read More

Deep Chalk: an artful escape game featuring music from Boards of Canada

For fans of escape games (self-paced puzzle games–the kind you can play while working on other things–that usually have the theme of escaping a room by searching around and creatively using ordinary items in MacGyver-ish ways), Deep Chalk is a surreal, fanciful take on a genre that usually relies on geometric blocks of color and angular lines making up ordinary things like desks and doors. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Samorost in its adventure-like and whimsical format, but also of Daymare Town with its heavy reliance on drawing. To complement the visual atmosphere, the artist used samples of Boards of Canada for sound effects. At one point, being familiar with BoC even gives you an advantage…play it and see.

Neuron Tie giveaway & geeky-yet-cool gifts for dads

Here’s Fractalspin‘s top picks for geeky-yet-cool gifts for dads this year. There’s also a giveaway for a special edition Sage on Black Neuron Tie (pictured above) by Cyberoptix. To enter, you need to comment on Fractalspin’s wall and tell them “Who’s your favorite dad?”