Remodel your home to look like the Star Trek Enterprise…

…by hiring an interior design firm that specializes in “24th century design.” However, to really get the full effect of living on a spaceship in the future, you’d have to be willing to cover up all the windows in your house and rely on the electronics within to regulate your Circadian rhythms. Probably not an easy lifestyle decision for most people. But you can still get close to acheiving the same effect digitally. The “zoom” detailed photos on the 24thcid site are serendipitously close to screen resolution, which means that many of them would make excellent futuristic spaceship desktop backgrounds! Here’s a few of the best ones: Enterprise bridge desktop background [view 1] [view 2] [view 3] Any of these would make you feel like you’re an off-screen … Read More

Recent neat things

4D Rubick’s Cube: A super cool, visio-spacially challenging, online puzzle game I found while reading about hypercubes. And speaking of 4D, here’s a new concept for a force-sensitive, touch-screen computer interface that allows multiple points of information input. Meaning, in a simplistic manner, you can use all your fingers to drag multiple lines across a screen. This is something I’ve always wanted to do with music software–ie, turn one “knob” up while moving a “crossfader,” simulatenously. Robot dance contest t-shirt at Threadless: quite amusing.

DEAD.LAPTOP // life hiatus

Yes, well–I’ve done killed my laptop. As in, “refusal to boot,” AKA “LOL YR FKD LOL,” not as in “I killed the game LOL I rulz0r harhahaha.” And the old adage, “Backup, backup” I know all too well, so it’s not necissary to add those “you-should’ve” comments.” I did have an external drive that I would backup files to at the end of every month or so, but–WOO–that drive kicked the bucket too!  The last backup I did was in May to my external, and then when I tried to retreive that image I got a “disc not found” error message. I meant to send it off, but ever since my boyfriend and I moved I haven’t been able to locate the power supply, making it somewhat difficult. … Read More

Flock: the browser for bloggers

Flock is a “social browser” built on the Firefox code base, which integrates blogging, photo sharing with Flickr or Photobucket, “favorites” (a.k.a. bookmarks) using, and other collaborative features. I’ve been using it for a few days now and I’m really impressed with the functionality it brings to the browser environment. Yes, Firefox with a bunch of plugins comes pretty close, but it’s conceptually a very cool idea, and seems pretty stable so far (even though it’s in beta stage). Get it here. read more | digg story

Hello world!

Yep, this is my new blog. It’s based off of the “narnia” template, but I changed the color scheme and graphics to sort of a nerdy-Art-Nouveau theme. I made all the graphics in Illustrator. The header drawing contains 4 resistors, 1 diode, 5 capacitors and 1 varistor. The post images consist of 4 resistors and one light-emitting diode (LED). The small category icons on the right consist of 4 resistors and one capacitor. The background image is made from a repeating pattern of fan guards. More to come…