Splice: Myspace for musicians

Just out of beta, Splice is a burgeoning community of music producers and DJs that goes beyond the capabilities of a general networking site like Myspace or Facebook. It’s an online niche community with all kinds of Web 2.0 buzz-concepts including social networking, user-generated content, user-rated data, collaboration, online applications, AJAX and digital media. After you join and create a profile, things start to diverge from a normal social networking site when it asks you to upload samples or record a sound directly on the site. There’s no place to upload your own music, and they warn that they’ll delete any pre-mixed tracks if they find them. Then you go browsing around the Sounds section and add samples you like to your case. Next, it’s over to the … Read More

Creating a successful demo: Electronic musicians: Here's how you don't screw it up

Promoting yourself with a demo can mean all kinds things, from selecting a couple of tracks to help connect with a collaborator to getting yourself a composing gig or record deal. Producer/musician Quantazelle herself has seen plenty of demo discs and has assembled some tips for how to make them work. If you’ve got ideas or questions of your own, be sure to sound off in comments. But the best idea of all may be getting people together for an in-person event to share music and visual reels. -Ed. A demo is short for “demonstration,” and its purpose is to show others what you can do, musically. In the past, a band with major-label aspirations would scrape together a bit of cash for a few hours in a … Read More

Best geek, gadget, and gaming blogs & websites

Here’s a list I’ve compiled of the best websites, blogs, and forums: Best geek, gadget, and gaming blogs & websites (click!) he page will be updated constantly. If I’ve missed something worthwhile, drop me a note and let me know: Contact.

The 5 Way Path: Create a track out of only five audio samples

The rules are simple: using only 5 base samples, create a song. The hard part: no other audio may be used. This means no other digital audio, no synthesizers, no vocals, no instruments of any kind–just the 5 base samples. The fun part: you can process, chop up, fry, freak, and tweak the 5 samples in any way you want, using any tools you need. Here’s the first set of tracks created by enterprising musicians: http://www.daevlmakr.com/Pages/5ways.html. It’s amazing to listen to how all the different artists created completely new tracks from the same sources. So download the sample pack here: 5ways_baseloops.zip (8.2 MB), and get transmogrifying (I had to rename the two .aif files to .aiff to get them to play in Windows). When you’re done, email your … Read More

Getting Booked: 10 Basic Tips for Getting Live Electronic Music Gigs

Here’s a set of guidelines I wrote to follow if you’re an electronic musician who’s wondering how to get booked to play live in clubs or other venues. It’s geared towards people who are just starting out, but it’s a good read for people who have already been performing live as there are some interesting tips you might not have thought of (for instance, point #: get a mini-presskit together). There is also a bit of contention on point #3, “Avoid dead air.” Some performers would rather have a break between songs, similar to a live band. However, it’s my recommendation that you aim for a cohesive set from the beginning. If you do choose later to pause between tracks and converse with the audience or something similar, … Read More

Daevl.Plugs Transmogrification Suite

Peter Kirn and I wrote a review of Daevl.Plugs: awesome little VST audio plugins made in Max / MSP that create some really unusual effects. My favorites are Hilbertspace, Triad, and Cubedriver. How many times can you hear the same delays and filters and reverbs over and … over … again? The developers at DaevlMakr promise a more “organic” quality by employing unusual combinations of techniques and adding a little chance to the flow in their Daevl.Plugs suite. They work in FL Studio but you’ll have to download the Pluggo runtime first if you don’t have Max / MSP.

How to get publicity for your band / project: Start with a great name

Here’s an article I wrote for Createdigitalmusic.com to help other electronic musicians get publicity. The first part lists common pitfalls to avoid when choosing your project name and the second part lists ways to come up with a cool name. While it’s targeted toward electronic musicians it also applies to bands. read more | digg story