Secret image hidden in iGo flyer?


A few years back I modeled for iGo car sharing. If you’re not familiar, iGo is a non-profit car-sharing service, providing cars you rent on a half-hourly basis across the city. Gas & insurance is included, and there are lots of cars in the area. They were trying to let DJs and musicians know that cars are free from midnight until 6am, so it would be like there’s a DJ-discount, ha!

Anyway, so the above photo is the original flier with a closeup of my head. Decent design, but then a few years later they decided to change the layout, as shown below. Why, you ask? I think I might have figured it out…


Well they put some grass in there, which is a bit odd, but I think I know the real reason. You see, they also re-designed the back. Here’s the old version below:


And here’s the new version:


Hmm…why is that car hovering above that grassy field? Now THAT’s pretty strange…I wonder why they did that? Well if you look at the front of the flyer and hold it up to the light, you see this: