Open Source Hip Hop: Altered Beats

Aaron Campbell aka Proteus has taken the open source approach to creating hip hop, as opposed to the conspicuous consumer / materialistic luxury image of commercial mainstream hip hop. He’s uploaded a bunch of raps to his Altered Beats website. In his own words, “some of them suck but if your a IDM / breakcore human then you should be able to make anything sound good so go fucking nuts.” On a separate page he invites musicians along a certain branch of the the IDM / breakcore vein, ie: I am looking for IDM, Breakcore, Alien Gabber, BastardRave, ‘Techno Animal like’ industro-funk, goth hop, neo-break speedcore ~post apocalyptic ~ NuBreakcore `mosh-pit in hell’ style mutant hip-hop, absurd & doppelganger jungle, RaggaCore, cool fun hyperactive digi-grind ( digital grindcore … Read More