Call for submissions to a Chicago electronic music compilation

subVariant is planning to release a free-to-download collection called Frequencity featuring quality songs from regional musicians. All electronic music genres are welcome. subVariant will also release an original t-shirt design in the theme of “Chicago Electronic Music” when the compilation is officially released. Ready to submit? Read more and do it now! The deadline for submissions is Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 8pm.

Feb. 9: Free Soundcloud Meetup at Transistor

Check out our Soundcloud Meetup at Transistor. The folks from Transistor, a cool music and bookstore in Uptown have kindly agreed to host this Meetup. Also, this Meetup will be a bit tricked up. There will be Soundcloud swag and wi-fi, so people can share their tracks. From the Soundcloud Meetup Group: Also, the folks from Soundcloud would like for us to record some audio (music, interviews, whatever) from the meetup to share with the Soundcloud community. I made a Group on Soundcloud where you can post your tracks: Chicago Innovative Electronic Music Soundcloud Group When: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 7:00 PM Where: Transistor, 5045 N Clark St Chicago, IL

Madeline McLean Knight 2000-2011

My adorable, lovable, cuddly, relentlessly independent, intelligent fur-baby left this physical operating system to upgrade to to cloud computing yesterday. She was facing a very uncomfortable future that I couldn’t bear to put her through, and I miss her terribly already. She migrated peacefully, surrounded by loved ones, favorite toys, her adored bed and the blue comforter that she always insisted on pulling off my bed to sleep on when I wasn’t around. In blurringly reverse order: she got to systematically olfactory-inventory (“categorize by sniffing”) most of Logan Square, and even bookmark interesting bits (by peeing on said interesting bits); innovatively coerce treats from her grandma; enjoy exclusive innovative house / techno after-parties and impromptu electronic music jam sessions; play tug-of-war with and receive beef jerky from many … Read More

Ode to Sniffles, The Frost-Breathing Dragon

Ode to Sniffles by Liz Revision on Mixcloud Liz Revision:“Ode To Sniffles” [DOWNLOAD MP3] Download the PDF of Sniffles to cut out and assemble. 1. Altered Tensions “Slow in Ashes” The Answer to the Question You Forgot to Ask [Self] 2. Diarmo “Details” Robohustlin [subVariant] 3. s.t. “Emotions in a Box” Emotions in a Box [Monotonik] 4. Elijah B. Torn “oooEight” Robohustlin [subVariant] 5. Kettel “Boekebaas” Myam James 2 [Sending Orbs] 6. Fourtet “Sings (Extended)”¬†There is Love in You [Domino] 7.¬†Quantazelle “Polychromatic Tomatoes v.1” Unreleased 8. Deetron “Collide” Collide [Green] 9. Marc Romboy vs. Stephan Bodzin “Atlas” 6 Monde [Systematic] 10. Nick Curly “Kalimba” Critical Mass EP [Murmur] 11. Peaches “Lose You (Brodinski & Yuksek Remix)” Lose You [XL Recordings]

Liz Revision: "Neurotransmission"

[gplayer href=”″ ] Liz Revision “Neurotransmission” [/gplayer] [DOWNLOAD] A conceptual DJ mix on the theme of love. 1. Bronnt Industries Kapital “Objects & Purpose (M.A.N.D.Y & Booka Shade Remix)” 2. Goldfrapp “Beautiful” 3. Tony Rohr “Afterburnt” 4. SCSI-9 “Sweets and Love” 5. Leon Somov “Without You” 6. Ulrich Schnauss “Blumenweise Neben Autobah” 7. Luomo “Tessio” 8. Williams “Poltergiest” 9. Larry Heard “The Sun Can’t Compare” 10. Gui Boratto “Beautiful Life” 11. Mochipet “Oly”

Syl Kougai: "OpVern"

Syl Kougai _OpVern_HiRes version from sarge grafX DIGITAL_ART on Vimeo. Beautiful IDM and beautiful video

The Granular Synthesis of Curtis Roads

Watch Motherboard – The Granular Synthesis of Curtis Roads This is a pretty amazing video. Granular Synthesis I can wrap my head around (imagine a more complex version of additive synthesis, but on a micro-scale), but what really amazes me is Curtis Roads was doing it in 1975 on a mainframe with punchcards. You heard me. How much more nerdcred does this guy need? Ok, lemme back up for a minute. I am, actually, old enough to know what punchcards are (but, keep in mind I was like 5 years old and hanging out at my mom’s company to learn about them). Back in the day (and my intro to computer science teacher in college was amazing because he explained this to us and made us basically write … Read More