Round 2 of the Nudge "evolving remix" project: m50 + Quantazelle

So, following up on the previous idea I had, recruiting Phylum Sinter, Praveen, and I (er, as Quantazelle) to do a rotating remix using the online Monome / Tenori-On / APC-40 / Launchpad (ie matrix / grid-based sequencing, etc) flash clone, Nudge, I invited m50 to play with me. Nudge is a very simple sequencer with preset synths (harp, organ, fx, drum kit), and–as m50 discovered–the ability to create multiple patterns, meaning you’re not restricted to one 16 bar loop–one could actually make a song out of this lil flash app.

New gamer candy and music toys at Fractalspin

Beep it Deluxe from Michael Una on Vimeo. We just got shipment of new gamer candy and added three cool new music toys! Wouldn’t it be cool if Mario’s Question Mark Coin Boxes shot out candy instead? Now they do! And check out this Atari Joystick Gum with a moveable joystick. Neato. OK, onto the music toys. Beep-It and Beep-It Deluxe are both optical theremins. They both output a square wave whose pitch is controlled by┬áthe amount of light striking a photoresistor. You control the pitch by casting shadows over the light sensor, or by pointing it towards/away from a light source. It sounds really 8-Bit / Chiptuney. The Deluxe version comes in a fancy bamboo case with more knobs and functionality. $35-$65 Seeq-it is a square wave … Read More


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RECOMMENDED: [10.29.09] Michael Esposito @ Dorkbot Chicago on

Experimental artist and researcher Michael Esposito will present some experiments and sound art from his recent work with Electronic Voice Phenomena. Michael recently completed an album in collaboration with Brent Gutzeit constructed from EVP recordings gathered at dorkbot Chicago’s host, Enemy.