Yo, 2009, I'm real happy for you and Imma let you finish…

…but 2010 will be the best year of all time! OF ALL TIME!! Yes, Kanye, your jackassery made for a pretty awesome internet meme. Here’s some of the best things about 2009. Oh yeah, and we put everything 20% off at Fractalspin, but only for the next 3 days. Happy New Year! 6. Kanye will let you finish, but…Lulz were had quite a bit this year, and countless photoshops made of Kanye upstaging Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards. Here’s some of our favorites, and a larger archive. 5. Terrence Parker’s “Tribute to Michael Jackson”While we are sorry to have lost MJ this year, we love DJ Terrence Parker, aka TP’s, funky, soulful, housey tribute.http://terrenceparker.podomatic.com/entry/2009-06-29T12_35_16-07_00 4. Christian Bale takes David to the Dentist Oh boy–two internet memes … Read More

Fractalspin's 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts $10 and underNintendo Super Mario Bros. Mushrooms make great stocking stuffers for gamers, kids, or retro enthusiasts. [More gift ideas] Gifts $25 and underThese cool necklaces made from the hub of a floppy disk will surprise the geek on your gift list. There is the version shown as well as another with a ball chain instead. [More gift ideas] Gifts $50 and underThese microfiber Cable Ties feature 1/4? and RCA cables on three different color options. [More gift ideas] Gifts $100 and under These silver necklaces–available in two sizes–feature a real working level. They would make a great present for any DIYer, with their subtle nerdery. [More gift ideas] Gifts $100+ This awesome necklace features diodes of three different voltages (sizes). [More gift ideas] More cool stuff … Read More

How to be a LOLkid

LOLkid. Also: Lawlkid. LOLkids are like Scene Kids except add 100 IQ points and subtract emo. (LOLkids=($humanIQ+100)-$emoFactor;). LOLkids heart the intertronz and nerdery and are all about zar lawlz. 1. Is ok to LOL at yrself. In other words, don’t take yourself too seriously. This involves having a formidable degree of self confidence and not taking things personally. However, don’t overdo it and proclaim how awesome you are at every opportunity (like tweeting about your awesomeness) since others will get tired of you quickly. I mean, look at this guy on 4chan. He rules. He actually put a shoe on his head. And everyone LOLd. This is the way to roll. [Frak I can’t find the jpg.] Nvrmd. 2. Noe flaemz. “No flames.” Reference #1: LOLkids don’t take … Read More

Gift card with earrings. Crafty 'n cute.

Here’s a pair of earrings + gift card combo that I made with some leftover Swarovski crystal rhinestones I had. Here’s a cute way to send a friend a handwritten note and a new pair of crystal earrings! This note card features a snowflake-decorated ribbon and label on the front attached with a blue brad. The ribbon conceals one pair of Swarovski crystal post earrings and the inside has a paper insert for note-writing. Each comes in a zip poly bag with a metallic silver envelope. $12 on Etsy.

Gifts that any Girl / DJ / Musician / Business Owner / Nerd / Event Producer / Designer / Technologist would dig (read: Stuff Liz Wants)

Here’s a list of a bunch of stuff I’ve been digitally collecting and hoping for IRL versions for a while: Liz McLean Knight’s Wishlist. Some highlights: Samba de Amigo for Dreamcast Back in the day, way before Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, there was a rhythm game that had you getting down to Latin grooves and shaking your maracas. That game was Samba de Amigo. Grab yourself a Dreamcast on Ebay, score the special maraca controllers, invite some peeps over and you’ll have a party that’s worth blogging about in the days to come, not to mention some hilarious photo opps. Number Scarf Ah, the warm yet fashionable addition of intersected integers makes an outfit complete. This cool little company (literally Little Factory) based out … Read More

Where to find awesome clothes in Chicago

Here’s my list of places I’d recommend to go shopping in Chicago, and I’m a 29-year-old electronic musician / DJ / nerd / biz-geek with no kids who visits clubs and bars on a regular basis. I’ve left off a few places that I occasionally stop into but wouldn’t recommend wholeheartedly (Urban Outfitters & Crossroads on Milwaukee, and The Alley at Belmont & Halsted, for instance. While I can sometimes find an interesting pair of shoes at The Alley, for the most part it caters to suburban teens [ala Hot Topic] and Fetish-ists / Goths / Punks and Rockabillies. *yawn*) Here are some photos of me in clothes I’ve bought from the following places: [1] [2] [3] [4] Wicker Park: Milwaukee Ave. G-Star Raw (Women / Men) 1525 … Read More