Literally minimal Richie Hawtin [webcomic]. You'll see

Here is a brilliantly snarky take on minimal techno featuring a robotic Richie Hawtin and his arch nemesis Moby at center stage, along with a cameo by John Cage. WARNING: contains copious inside jokes that will likely only be understood by 4% of the general population (ie: hardcore minimal techno connoisseurs). Seeing how you’re reading my blog that statistic jumps to 95% of readers here. 😉 It’s long but it’s worth it. Enjoy!

Liz Revision: "March Mixness"

Liz Revision: “March Mixness” [220 VBR MP3] 1. Daniel Dreier: “Close the Door” [Sender Records] 2. BarBQ: “Barbi in Love (Solomun Remix)” [Buzzin Fly] 3. Noah Pred: “Get Cozy” [Thoughtless Music] 4. Spartaque: “Crush Dummy” [Speca] 5. Tiger Stripes: “Midnight Monkeys” [Get Physical] 6. Bianco (Geoff White): “Mai Mai” [Persistancebit] 7. Kiko: “One Fifteen” [Afulab] 8. Droid Behaviour: “Mochigrind” [Daly City Records] 9. Perc: “Serious Moonlight”[CLR] 10. Johannes Lehner: “Liftoff”[Con:tact] 11. Kollektiv Turmtrasse: “Grillen Im Park”[Ostwind] 12. Gui Boratto: “Atol 2007” [Harthouse Mannheim] 13. Quantazelle: “Late Blazing Kinch Theme” [subVariant]

Gustavo Bravetti's at it again, this time brandishing Wii-motes in his live PA

Gustavo Bravetti – Alternative Controllers @ Tribaltech 2009 (SC edition) from Gustavo Bravetti on Vimeo. You may remember an interview I did with live controller whiz-kid Gustavo Bravetti where he explained how he’s rigged up alternative controllers to Ableton Live, namely a “powerglove,” electronic drum kit, and LED lights. This time he’s hacked Wii-motes into a Live controller and drives the crowd at Tribaltech 2009 into a fury of nerdery. Friend of the Site Gustavo Bravetti is back, getting the young Brazilian boys and girls on their feet with his virtual reality glove and Wiimotes and gesturally-controlled electronica. Gustavo sends us this video from the 2009 Tribaltech SC Edition in Campinas. Having seen a lot of DJs take the easy way out at festivals in front of throngs … Read More

Blank Artists: "Primates Love Fun"

Here is a dark, minimal and moody compilation from the Detroit-based Blank Artist crew featuring Josh Cummings, Josh Dahlberg and Codine. Blank Artists was born in 2005 as an art/music collective focusing on visual art and music with an eclectic perspective that showcases electronic music of the down-tempo, funk, house, and techno varieties. Blank Artists: Primates Love Fun [MORE INFO]

[1.23] subVariant Relaunch ft. Insideout with Gianna Hardt, Hernan Sanchez and Liz Revision

Join us for the relaunch of subVariant featuring Insideout, head of the Berlin-based minimal techno label Clink Recordings. subVariant will distribute a limited edition numbered set of artist-created buttons to the first 50 guests from DezignJK, noted local party flyer designer. They’ll also debut “Loop Points,” an event-based loyalty card based on the techno 4/4 time signature. Insideout’s collaborative debut with Camea, Nothing Shocking/Azimuth, was a hit and played by artists such as Richie Hawtin, Magda and Adam Beyer. Grant’s production combines the influences of modern minimal techno and the basic fundamentals of this genre: intricate percussive programming, dark atmospherics and an irresistible cavernous bounce. Hernan Sanchez—multi-monikered producer, infamous local DJ, and techno scenester—will provide support along with Forte owner, ambitious DJ and relentless promoter Gianna Hardt and … Read More

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