Come 2gether, A Rave Revival ft. Dubtribe

Check out this retro-rave party at Green Dolphin Street this Friday. There are some big names on here that made an impact in the underground electronic music scene in the early 1990s. For us old-schoolers it will be a blissful trip back in time, and for the new-school kids who are just discovering this kind of music it will be enlightening. Tell your friends to get their rave on! See you there. Come 2gether, A Rave Revival ft. Dubtribe * When:Fri 2/26 – Sat 2/27 (10PM) * Where: Green Dolphin Street * Address: 2200 N Ashland Ave Chicago, IL Map * Cost: 10 Friday February 26th – 8 Superstars Spread The Love – VBNTS, Mushgroove, Swing Swift and Relode present Come Together – A Rave Revival Dubtribe Sound … Read More

So my birthday is coming up…. *cough*

Here are some cool things that would be nice to have! Korg KP3A great tool for live performance, the KP3 allows you to control multiple effects parameters and manipulate samples in real time. On stage or in the studio, these gestures and moves can become powerful and expressive performance elements. More than a processor, the KP3 is a complete instrument allowing you to manage, recall, and play back samples; sample on the fly; and add dynamic processing to any audio signal or to the samples themselves. The KP3 comes equipped with 128 great-sounding effect programs Sure, the traditional essential effects are there – delays, flangers, etc., and they sound amazing. But using newly developed algorithms, the KP3 also provides fresh, exciting effects such as a grain shifter, decimator, … Read More

[9.26.09] RECOMMENDED: "Above the Skyline – Hardt & Soul: Rooptop Edition" benefitting "For The Mammas"

Forté Productions has planned “Above the Skyline – Hardt & Soul: Rooftop Edition” on Saturday, September 26, 2009 to deliver a distinctly refreshing event experience to Chicago music, art and fashion connoisseurs. Above the Skyline embodies Forté Productions’ and Hardt & Soul’s philosophy of creating unique, intimate, and unforgettable experiences for our audience utilizing alternative venues, while showcasing innovative futuristic music, art and fashion.

Scarf Swagger

Subvariant viral video of a very funny webcam dancer wearing a scarf and doing his best two step. You can dance if you want to, but leave your scarf alone.

Gustavo Bravetti's at it again, this time brandishing Wii-motes in his live PA

Gustavo Bravetti – Alternative Controllers @ Tribaltech 2009 (SC edition) from Gustavo Bravetti on Vimeo. You may remember an interview I did with live controller whiz-kid Gustavo Bravetti where he explained how he’s rigged up alternative controllers to Ableton Live, namely a “powerglove,” electronic drum kit, and LED lights. This time he’s hacked Wii-motes into a Live controller and drives the crowd at Tribaltech 2009 into a fury of nerdery. Friend of the Site Gustavo Bravetti is back, getting the young Brazilian boys and girls on their feet with his virtual reality glove and Wiimotes and gesturally-controlled electronica. Gustavo sends us this video from the 2009 Tribaltech SC Edition in Campinas. Having seen a lot of DJs take the easy way out at festivals in front of throngs … Read More

[1.23] subVariant Relaunch ft. Insideout with Gianna Hardt, Hernan Sanchez and Liz Revision

Join us for the relaunch of subVariant featuring Insideout, head of the Berlin-based minimal techno label Clink Recordings. subVariant will distribute a limited edition numbered set of artist-created buttons to the first 50 guests from DezignJK, noted local party flyer designer. They’ll also debut “Loop Points,” an event-based loyalty card based on the techno 4/4 time signature. Insideout’s collaborative debut with Camea, Nothing Shocking/Azimuth, was a hit and played by artists such as Richie Hawtin, Magda and Adam Beyer. Grant’s production combines the influences of modern minimal techno and the basic fundamentals of this genre: intricate percussive programming, dark atmospherics and an irresistible cavernous bounce. Hernan Sanchez—multi-monikered producer, infamous local DJ, and techno scenester—will provide support along with Forte owner, ambitious DJ and relentless promoter Gianna Hardt and … Read More