At Debonair with Andy Vaz 6-26-08

Liz Revision at Debonair with Andy Vaz 6-26-08 45:41 [MixStation – 190 VBR, 59.6 MB] [190 VBR, 59.6 MB] 1. HeartThrob: “Hot Sugar Candy Apple Taffy” Minimize to Maximize [Minus] 2. Johannes Heil: “Freaks R Us” Freaks R Us [Klang] 3. Oliver Hacke: C1 Subject Carrier [Trapez] 4. Alter Ego: “Jolly Joker” Why Not? [Klang] 5. Konrad Black: “Medusa Smile (Don’t Look Back) (Rocket’s Revamp)” Medusa Smile [Wagon Repair] 6. Dinky: “Acid in My Fridge” Acid in My Fridge [Cocoon] 7. Gui Boratto “Beautiful Life” Chromophobia Remixe Pt. 2 [Kompakt]

Debonair Mix 02-28-08

[Liz Revision with Kero at Debonair 02-28-08] 1. Dimitri Debaka: “Happiness” Happiness [Time Has Changed] 2. Mason: “Quarter – The Subs Remix” Quarter [Great Stuff] 3. Dandi & Ugo, Piatto: “Cicchetti” Bored in Winter [Italo Business] 4. Three Drives: “Greece 2000 – Gustavo Bravetti Remix” Greece 2000 – The Wasted Reworks [Wasted] 5. Jeff Samuel: “Lost” Lost [Trapez] 6. Bastian Knop: “Skip This” Skip This / Flirtline [OWLintim] 7. Gui Boratto: “Beautiful Life” Chromophobia Remixe Pt. 2 [Kompakt] 8. Moritz Piske: “Slipless in Seattle – Matt Stars Slipfunk in Scattle Mashup” Slipless in Seattle [Opossum Recordings]

DJ Set from the Demo Swap at Sonotheque [2/2]

Here’s the second half of the set I played at the Demo Swap–it’s mid-tempo. 7. Akufen: “Heaven Can Wait” 8. Phage and Daniel Dreier: “Plumber’s Workshop” 9. Autotune: “Dirty (Phage and Daniel Dreier Remix)” 10. SLG: “Rushhour” (Bulent Gurler Remix) 11. Jeff Samual: “Fire” 13. Ellen Allien: “Washing Machine is Speaking” [Thrills] Liz_Revision_DJ_Set-DemoSwap-7-17-07-02-190vbr.mp3

DJ Set from the Demo Swap at Sonotheque [1/2]

I DJed at the end of the night after spending all of the rest of the time schmoozing. It’s missing a track since my laptop crashed when I unplugged it at the end and it didn’t save the playlist. Here’s some photos from the night and a more in-depth recap will follow soon. Demo Swap DJ Set [1/2] 190 VBR MP3 1. Plaid: “Zeal” 2. Test shot starfish: “Sort of” 3. Jeff Mills: “The Bells” 4. LCD Soundsystem: “Someone Great” 5. ?? 6. Akufen: “Wet Floors” 7. Akufen: “Heaven Can Wait”

Celebrity Mix 3-20-07 [Part 3]

The final part of the downtempo / IDM set I played at Celebrity in Chicago. 16. String Theory: “Ambulette” [BUY] 17. Posthuman: “Wonderful Eyes” 18. 101010 & Mr. Projectile: “Wild Orchids” 19. ?? (Can you ID this track? Hit the contact button and let me know!) 10. Modeselektor: “I Love You” [Hello Mom!] DOWNLOAD: Celebrity Mix Part 3 [192kbs]

Celebrity Mix 3-20-07 [Part 1]

Here’s a recording of my set at Celebrity in March. It’s split into three parts to make the download less taxing. This is the first part.