Interface LA

INTERFACE LA – Highlights from The Bootleg Theater from Charlie Visnic on Vimeo. Interesting party footage–I think the vibe comes across. The video is not synced tho, FYI. C&P Performers, not in order from the video RO RICH DDT PETER KIRN ( THE SMACKTOP ENSEMBLE NONAGON MOLDOVER ( MIKE SLOTT Mmm hmm!

subVariant sampler CD & download available now

Here’s a selection of tracks from the subVariant releases. Thirteen special edition physical copies were made and individually signed and numbered (pictured above). Download the zip file, or click on the track names to download individual MP3s.

“Wired Fridays” will feature Chicago DJs prominent in the industry every Friday beginning in January

The 2013 series of Wired Fridays in Chicago will be showcasing Chicago DJ-slash-promoters who have been passionately sharing their highly-specific tastes within their chosen branches of electronic music through their events, radio shows, workshops, and personal performances–albeit with the discerning eye of a curator who has been immersed in local musical culture long enough to be able to sift through the sand to find the gems. What’s really exciting about this particular debut lineup is that every performer has contributed to Chicago’s electronic music culture in a very significant yet personal way over the years they’ve been in the industry. Unlike certain major festivals that seem to rely on headlining those global-trekking-performers who appeal to the most people to generate the highest revenue (and, if they get it … Read More

“Glowfest” .. or “what to be aware of”

Sexy video, right? So, Glowfest is basically a campus-touring electronic music marketing event, geared to snare in young people and capitalize on their attention for other means. By “other means” they’ve attached a job fest to it (actively seeking startups to participate, mind you), to seduce these young people who they feel are attracted by the emotions created through electronic music to then pursue careers in their highly technical fields. Oh, and I’m sure they’ve done the numbers and expect to make bank on it. So you probably are wondering why I would even spend typing time on such a thing if I don’t want it promoted. Consider it a warning lesson to those of us in the industry: anything can be commodified and its original purpose subverted … Read More


Barack Obama is in my Facebook friend feed, and so I noticed that he updated his cover photo to this: I’m sure it’s probably to highlight some speech, or whatnot, but it’s a terribly-composed photo and it looks like he has a bizarro bow tie or something. So, I made a quick photoshop that made him look much cooler: Hooray.

“Pump Up the Volume” Documentary on how Chicago House Changed the World

Yes, it’s by the BBC and they really go on about UK Garage at the end, but there are some real gems of insights and great interviews here. Set aside a few hours, even if you think you know the history of Chicago House. This one is really well done. If you prefer books, check out “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: A History of the Disc Jockey”. Buy four and give them away to your friends that love electronic music but need schooling on where it came from.

Giorgio Moroder, remixed “From Here to Eternity”

Remixing is a complex subject to approach, I’ll give it that. There’s intellectual property, collaboration, sampling, and legal licensing on the technical side. Then you’ve got to deal with what “covering” a song really means in the long term. Originally the purpose of remixing was to tweak a song to appeal to different markets. It’s basically the same song, but with more elements to appeal to certain sub-groups. Like, “let’s add a steel lap guitar” to appeal the country market, but it’s still a pop song, but this time with steel lap guitar. I can’t find the videos to prove my point right now, but it was two different Kelly Clarkson songs that were distributed to different markets. Anyway. Back to remixing…so there’s this internal need on the … Read More