Make your own Simpsons Avatar

simsonliz.jpgWell, Springfield IL may have lost out to Springfield VT, to host the Simpsons Movie premiere but we can all win with the Simpsons Avatar Maker on the Simpsons Movie Site.

Just clicking through the little Flash application lets you create the Matt Groening-created version of your persona, complete with satisfying little blips along the way. But apparently it’s perpetually Fall / early Spring in Springfield, since you’re forced to wear pants and a t-shirt. It’s likely people will just be cropping the face and using it for message board avatars anyway. With mine, I snagged an atomic graphic for my t-shirt and was happy that I could re-create my monochrome wardrobe with ease.

On the topic of avatars, a friend at a wedding I went to over the weekend (on 7-7-07, of course), mentioned that his two daughters mainly love the Wii since they can create Mii avatars of people they know, sort of playing a virtual dress-up game, which is an interesting point to take note of in designing games for very young girls.

Should you need to create a Mii to use for the web, here’s a nice little Mii-generator, also based in Flash.