New "Less Than Three"

Check out two new earrings styles from Zelle featuring the love emoticon <3. The round version is available for $34 and the heart-shaped one is $38 at Fractalspin.

Cool desktop background competition "Cute Vector" at PixelGirlPresents: Win Fractalspin, iTunes, and Shanalogic gift cards

Submit your cutest vector desktop and you could WIN! Definition of Cute: attractive especially by means of smallness or prettiness or quaintness, obviously contrived to charm Definition of Vector: the use of points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygon(s), which are all based on mathematical equations, to represent images in computer graphics. Most people use illustrator or photoshop to make vector graphics. Winners will be announced by August 15th 2010 Grand Prize: $50 gift card to iTunes $100 gift card to $50 gift card to Free promo code for Ramp Champ (an iPhone/iPod touch game) Free copy of Frenzic for Mac 2nd Place: $25 gift card to iTunes $50 gift card to $25 gift card to Free promo code for Ramp Champ (an iPhone/iPod … Read More

Microcontroller Earrings and Floppy Disk Necklace

Check out these Microcontroller Earrings at Fractalspin, small ICs that you can wear on your ears. Here’s the black cord version of the Floppy Disk Necklace. It has a cool clasp made from a flange terminal.

Win some limited edition Zelle gear!

Fill out a short survey for Fractaspin and you can have a chance to win your choice of either a Black Capacitor Necklace (above) or a Timer IC Tie Clip (below). Plus, you’ll also get a $10 coupon. Take the survey!

Zelle launches the 1337 collection of sophisticated jewelry made from electronic components

Check out some new jewelry pieces I’ve designed for Zelle. Zelle (, the elegantly minimal tech jewelry brand that has elevated electronic components into wearable works of art has expanded its vision to celebrate the inherent beauty of technology in its haute couture take on the art form with their 1337 collection. As the original line is restrained, keeping the focus on the components and their relationship to each other and avoiding the use of traditional precious metals to convey value and refinement, 1337 pieces highlight the elegance of the components and the design itself–remaining the purist’s first choice. Current 1337 designs are one of a kind, truly works of art, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity resembling the Microsoft’s Windows 95 Certificate of Authenticity. Zelle 1337 Collection … Read More

Geek Chic Men's Fashion FAILs and WINs

Here’s an article I wrote for the Fractalspin blog that’s a “DOs and DON’Ts” for men’s geek fashion: “Geek Chic Men’s Fashion Fails and Wins” [via Fractalspin’s blog] Among the fails: LED belt buckles that visually scream GEEK; god-awful so-called “utilikilts;” NES Controller belt buckles; LED / electroluminescent t-shirts that either interact with sound or announce the presence of a WiFi signal by blinking / lighting up; bad haircuts; doing it wrong Among the wins: G-Star’s men’s line featuring a futuristic Poindexter nod with their signature crazy-stich detailing; “nerd glasses;” intentionally-tousled hair and deliberately disheveled, dressed-down suit ensembles on Doctor Who’s Tenth Doctor (David Tennant); microcontroller cufflinks; J.Lindeberg; cool ties; Converse All-Star So what do you think? Did I nail the WINs wholeheartedly or come down too hard … Read More

Ibiza Ride Black Leather Cuff & #000000 Tie (Black Tie)

<< Ibiza Ride Leather Cuff – Black This totally sexy and nerdy version of the original Ibiza Ride watch is totally futuristicly nerdy with a rock star edge. The staff here are fighting over these guys! It features a super wide black leather cuff with an innovative buckle system, and the same dial as it’s older brother, that oh-so-popular kid:  Ibiza Ride LED watch. >> #000000 Tie (Black Tie) This will undoubtedly be your best bet for all black tie affairs. Printed with a large “#000000? –hexadecimal code for the color black, sure to make all graphic designers and web developers giggle.

Five cool, affordable geek gifts for this Christmas at Fractalspin

Everything here is in-stock and will ship via First Class USPS mail if ordered by Dec. 20 in time for Christmas. Woot! 1. Cat5 Bracelet – $15 Who would have thought that the guts of ethernet cable would make such a pretty multicolored bracelet? Anyone who rocks this multi-stranded wire bracelet sends a subtle signal to those in the know that the wearer is not just a geek, but one with style. 2. Video Game Candy Tins – $3 Unexpectedly cute Super Mario Bros. Mushrooms and Stars have the secret bonus of being filled with tasty sour candy, and replicas of a Nintendo Wiimote and NES controller contain gum and mints. Not only are they great stocking stuffers, the tins can be re-used to hold memory cards, … Read More