Dance Dance Revolution Dance Pad Purse

My original dance pad broke, so I decided to cut it up to see what was inside. The top layer was actually pretty, so I thought it would make a cool purse. Literally. Hah! Check out the photos documenting how I made it.

Fractalspin's 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts $10 and underNintendo Super Mario Bros. Mushrooms make great stocking stuffers for gamers, kids, or retro enthusiasts. [More gift ideas] Gifts $25 and underThese cool necklaces made from the hub of a floppy disk will surprise the geek on your gift list. There is the version shown as well as another with a ball chain instead. [More gift ideas] Gifts $50 and underThese microfiber Cable Ties feature 1/4? and RCA cables on three different color options. [More gift ideas] Gifts $100 and under These silver necklaces–available in two sizes–feature a real working level. They would make a great present for any DIYer, with their subtle nerdery. [More gift ideas] Gifts $100+ This awesome necklace features diodes of three different voltages (sizes). [More gift ideas] More cool stuff … Read More

WristlingsTM by Liz Revision

These cool, strechy WristlingsTM by Liz Revision aren’t just adorable wrist-adornment, they are also helping out a good cause. A portion of the proceeds are donated to Expanding Your Horizons, a nonprofit that holds conferences to nurture girls’ interest in science and math courses to encourage them to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and math. $6. Available at Fractalspin.

Gift card with earrings. Crafty 'n cute.

Here’s a pair of earrings + gift card combo that I made with some leftover Swarovski crystal rhinestones I had. Here’s a cute way to send a friend a handwritten note and a new pair of crystal earrings! This note card features a snowflake-decorated ribbon and label on the front attached with a blue brad. The ribbon conceals one pair of Swarovski crystal post earrings and the inside has a paper insert for note-writing. Each comes in a zip poly bag with a metallic silver envelope. $12 on Etsy.

Gifts for geeky guys

Got a guy on your gift list who’s got every gadget you can think of, and you’re not sure where to turn? Check out our suggestions for great geeky yet stylish gifts. < Odin’s Rage Watch – $120.00 This futuristic watch has a novel way for displaying the time. You know how you’re expected to recall the position of numbers on a watch with a blank face? Well this watch operates on the same principle, but substitute a large inner dot for the hour hand position and a small outer dot for the minute hand position. Cool huh? High Voltage Laptop Bag – $65.00 > Watch yourself! Any guy who’s dreamed of having superpowers can indulge his fantasy just the slightest by suggesting that his mega gadget fascination … Read More

Who are the most geek-chic guys and girls?

Those of us who combine geekery with personal style usually have a running list of people we admire, even if it’s not on a conscious level. In your opinion, who are the “role models” for Geek Chic? If there was a top ten list for geeky cool celebrities, who would be on it? List your top picks on the Fractalspin blog: Who are the most geek-chic girls? Who are the most geek-chic guys?

Earrings made from gadgets cast in sterling silver

Here’s some great gifty stuff for geek girls, chem-bots, and engineers that features earrings like floppy disks, cell phones, and microscopes. It’s a side project of the tech jewelry line, Zelle (mine): Gnerdy Jewelry. I used Drupal to build the site, with a long list of modules like CCK, Contemplate, Captcha, and TinyMCE. The design elements may remind you of this very blog (shapes created from electronic schematic symbols.) Digg and share! read more | digg story

Best geek, gadget, and gaming blogs & websites

Here’s a list I’ve compiled of the best websites, blogs, and forums: Best geek, gadget, and gaming blogs & websites (click!) he page will be updated constantly. If I’ve missed something worthwhile, drop me a note and let me know: Contact.