The Diskette Handbag: A Seriously Geek-Chic Purse

For the girl who needs the right purse that says both “geeky” and “stylish,” the diskette-covered Diskette Handbag by Zelle is just the thing. The rest of the bag is made from black black PVC and there are enough interior pockets to carry the essentials (and some non-essentials). This bag will turn heads and let the world know that in your offline life (IRL) you’re just as geeky but your fashion sense is hardly that of a clueless nerd. Inside of the purse, opened. Inside of the purse, opened, with the magnetic latch removed. [via]

DIY dot matrix wrist cuffs

Use dot matrix fonts and make a DIY-slogan wrist cuff just by grabbing an X-acto and popping out perforated dots on this cool leather cuff. Choose from any of the geek phrases supplied on the provided downloadable templates, like APACHE, GEEK, , WTF?, NSFW or MYSQL. I made my own “WTF?” cuff and it’s pretty rad, although kind of illegible when its around your wrist. The material is also thinner than you’d expect, but that makes it easier to pop the dots out. However, it’s unique enough where it does draw attention from strangers, and then you can just unhook it and straighten it to show off the design. The aforementioned downloadable templates are these: read more | digg story

Modelling for Mudshark

Likely my favorite online clothing store, Mudshark Streetwear in Toronto, asked me to model one of their Kitchen Orange tops, called “Bangle”–I am just a huge fan of Kitchen Orange. It’s a sexy little white top with an open back, and I paired it with one of my MIDI Cuffs for the photo. Hilariously, when I was on tour with Detroit Underground, we were booked by the owner’s boyfriend and crashed at their pad after the show in Toronto, and I totally didn’t even know it was her. Small friggin’ world. She also wrote a very sweet review of my music in the description. Aww! [tag]fashion, modelling, kitchen orange, toronto, mudshark streetwear, quantazelle, detroit underground, futuristic, sexy[/tag]